In Feburary 2018, our MD Matt was introduced to Chris - the founder and director of The Eikon Charity. After learning more about how Eikon helps vulnerable young people here on our doorstep in Surrey, Matt realised that it was a no-brainer to support them.

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What does The Eikon Charity do?

Eikon’s vision is to develop confident, thriving and resilient young adults who contribute positively to society.

The charity believes in early intervention by helping young people overcome difficult issues before they become long-term, damaging problems.

They work in many communities across Surrey, offering an array of services such as weekly sports coaching, youth clubs, outreach sessions and mentoring. They also deliver courses through schools and provide in-school pastoral support in conjunction with teachers.

By addressing mental health issues in the early stages, Eikon has helped hundreds of young people to improve their attitudes and behaviours, build stronger relationships with family and friends, improve their attendance and attainment in school and, ultimately, enhance their employment prospects.

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What is Eikon’s ambition?

Eikon’s aim is to stand out through the impact they have on the young people they support, and to be recognised as a leading expert in the field of mental health and support.

They want to grow their services so that more young people have access to high quality support when and wherever they need it. They are fully committed to continuous improvement in all they do.

All their programmes are based on three simple and essential principles:

Being Preventative…

Eikon works proactively to get involved before problems escalate. This differentiates them from many other service providers who tend to focus on crisis management rather than prevention.

Being Relational…

They provide intensive, unconditional and personal support for young people wherever, whenever, and for as long as they need it, whatever their needs are.

‘No Wrong Door’…

They provide support across any subject matter with no form filling or waiting lists.

When we decided back in February 2018 to support Eikon, we promised them a few things…

A Winter Wonderland Ball…

In January 2019, we designed, delivered and sponsored Eikon’s Winter Wonderland Ball - an annual, black tie, fundraising event.

One of our Event Directors, Hannah, worked closely with the event team at Eikon to produce just what they wanted at their venue, Royal Holloway University.

We designed floral arrangements and willow arches; installed lighting and sound for the venue and adjoining corridors; and provided one of our professional DJs to help guests dance the night away on our sleek Black and White Dancefloor.

A fantastic night was had by all and we are already looking forward to organising their next event!

“Not only did the Founders' Dining Hall and Glass Corridor look fantastic, Clownfish were so easy and helpful to work with. We look forward to working with them on our next event.” - Caroline at Eikon

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Matt Turner


Our founder, Matt Turner, knows that the Clownfish team - and each employee’s personal development - is the most important part of our business. It’s this belief that has driven him to become a mentor, under Eikon’s guidance, to a young person in Surrey.

As with every Eikon volunteer, Matt has received training on how to support a young person with mental health challenges; and Eikon has taught him some counselling techniques that he can use to help. He meets with his mentee every week and is committed to becoming someone who makes a difference in their life.

“Being able to listen, advise, encourage and support is a massive privilege. It’s a challenge, but it’s humbling. I am encouraging my team to become Eikon mentors too.” - Matt

The London Marathon 2019!

On 28th April 2019, Matt and Jonny, from our sales team, both completed the full 26.2 miles of the Virgin Money London Marathon!

Their training went well, however these two are by no means athletes. The last year was a big step out of comfort zones and a giant leap into the brutal realities of blisters, gruelling muscle treatments and many a thought of giving up.

So, what kept them going?

“We were both brought up in loving, supportive, Christian families. It’s these attributes (and more) that have shaped us into the happy, content and secure people that we’re privileged to be. But we understand, more than ever, that not everybody has the start we enjoyed. Eikon is an awesome team that proactively helps less fortunate young people in our local communities. As well as being involved directly with the charity, we want to raise as much awareness as possible for them… hence this horrendous challenge!” - Matt and Jonny

They, of course, ran the marathon to raise awareness for Eikon - however they are also raising funds for them. Eikon’s work is incredibly important and relies on donations, so if you can, please do donate.

Check out all the action from the big day over on Instagram, @mjmarathon, here.

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