Wacky Mirrors

From £250

A set of traditional, carnival-style crazy mirrors that are bound to inject a healthy dose of the giggles into your summer fete, garden party or indoor event. 


  • 1 x concave mirror
  • 1 x convex mirror
  • Tonnes of belly laughs!


  • Equipment size: 0.58m wide x 0.22m deep x 1.79m tall (each)
  • Operational area:  1m wide x 1m deep (each)
  • Surface required:  Flat surface indoors or outdoors
  • Power requirements:  None!
  • Access requirements:  Fits through a standard domestic doorway


For fun! Stand in front of the mirror and marvel and the way it twists and contorts your body. 

Yes, each mirror comes with its own built in stand.

These mirrors can go wherever you’d like, as long as they are on a hard, flat surface.

The Wacky Mirrors are best with one person per mirror at a time.