The Christmas Entrance

From £1,295

Everything you need for a stunningly festive front door.

Set the tone for your Christmas party the moment your guests arrive. This package is designed to help you make a fabulous first impression!

Together, these will transform the outside of your venue into a perfect, Christmassy scene that is guaranteed to take your guests’ breath away.


  • 2 x 6ft Christmas trees to flank the door
  • 2 x gas flambeaux to provide light and drama
  • A red carpet, cut to your required length and properly installed
  • Posts and red ropes to create a walkway
  • Storm lanterns with candles
  • A snow machine
  • Wireless uplighters to illuminate the facade of your building
  • Optional fresh door wreath(s) and garlands, if required


This magical entrance is perfect for ANY Christmas event. Immediately putting your guests in the festive spirit and starting your event off in style.

Special snow fluid. It’s perfectly safe and combined with our top of the range snow machines it makes for very real flurries, to a light dusting.

With the Christmas Entrance package, every doorway looks stunning. So have no fear, let our elves work their magic.

These ones aren’t. However, they’re the best of the best. Sprinkled with faux snow and dressed in dainty fairy lights your guests won’t be able to tell.

They sure are. All of the flames you see are 100% real. The candles are protected in their lanterns. And the flambeaux are powered by gas canisters within the base.If you’d prefer the candles to be fake, let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

From a light dusting to a full-on snowstorm, go wild! On the night you can control how much snow comes out. We suggest a good medium setting for a beautiful wintery look, but who said a flurry doesn’t say Merry Christmas?!

Everything you see has been carefully selected and put together to not only impress your guests, but to also provide you with the best price possible.Therefore, we do suggest going for the whole shebang. However, if you’d like to have less (or more), speak to our lovely team who will be able to help you out.