Strike a Light

2 player game

From £450

This is seriously addictive fun – once you’ve had a go, you won’t be able to stop coming back to beat your score!

The aim of the game is to strike the lit buttons as soon as they appear to score points and/or beat your opponent. The table has two modes: In Standard Mode, one or two players hit as many lights as they can in 30 seconds. The faster they hit the lights, the quicker more appear.

In Battle Mode (our favourite!) two players start with the same number of lit buttons. When you extinguish one on your side of the board, it lights up another on your opponent’s side. Transfer all your lights to your opponent, and you win.

The table has speakers and a backing track with built-in sound effects and adjustable volume, plus a digital scoring system. We also supply a leaderboard to help you keep a note of the scores as your event progresses.

The skirt and top panel of the table can be customised for themed events and brand activations.


  • Retro LED timer
  • LED score counter
  • Tailored sound effects and music
  • Themed outer wrap
  • ‘Top Gear’ style leaderboard


  • Equipment size: 1.12m wide x 0.91m deep x 0.89m tall
  • Operational area:  3m wide x 2m deep
  • Surface required:  Flat surface indoors
  • Power requirements:  1 x standard 13amp household socket
  • Access requirements:  Fits through a standard domestic doorway


The difference between Strike a Light and other reaction games, such as Batak Pro, is that you’re competing head to head against someone else. This increases your adrenaline and makes it an awesome alternative! 

You have 30 seconds to hit as many lights in your colour as possible. The person with the highest score is the winner!

Not necessarily. As standard, we require 1 x 13amp domestic socket, but if you don’t have access to power it can run on a battery bank.

Yes there is! A voiceover counts you into the game and high energy music serendes your battle.

You can brand the skirt and we also print a custom panel for the top of the game.

Panic not! We have a fantastic 4 player version of this game – you can read all about it here!