Snowman Alley

2 player game

From £850

A festive take on Tin Can Alley, involving a poor old tin can snowman who’s destined to end up as a puddle on the floor.

Take aim with your ‘snowball’ as you try to knock him over in three tries.

This charming, Christmassy side stall was designed and built especially for us, with candy cane stripes and lots of wintry touches.

There are three more to choose from and stalls are available to hire in pairs. Each measures 6ft x 6ft and they look fantastic when set up in a row to create a traditional Christmas fair.

Add a Snowconut Shy, Christmas Quackers and/or Sprout Shoot; plus warm popcorn and toffee apples for a festive treat!

Please note that prizes are not included.


  • Festive green & red candy stripes
  • 18 x snowman targets
  • 9 x ‘snow’ balls
  • An abundance of false snow and faux tree branches
  • Strings of magical Festoon lights


  • Equipment size: 1.8m wide x 1.8m deep x 2.3m tall
  • Operational area: 2m wide x 2m deep x 2.5m tall
  • Surface required: Flat surface indoors or outdoors
  • Power requirements: None!
  • Access requirements: Fits through a standard domestic doorway


You get three ‘snowballs’ to knock down as many snowmen as you can. Whoever knocks down the most, wins.

Snowman Alley is run by a member of the Clownfish Team. They’re there to ensure the game is played safely and that only the snowmen are shaking in their boots.

We recommend that adults stand around 3.5m away from the snowmen. Although, younger guests may want to have a closer look at these little fellas, so they’re welcome to move nearer.

Our Snowman Alley is free to play (and you don’t have to worry about these snowmen melting) so you can have as many goes as you like. During busy times, your Clownfish host will make sure that each guest gets three attempts before joining the back of the queue again.

Snowman Alley doesn’t come with prizes as standard, however if this is something that you would be interested in please talk to our lovely team!