Snow Globe Experience

7 person experience

From £2,500

This Snow Globe Experience is a wonderfully unique, winter-themed attraction that is perfect to hire for corporate Christmas parties, festive balls and seasonal fairs.

A huge inflatable chamber is filled with ​artificial ​snow that flies in every direction against a wintery backdrop. Climb inside and have fun in the ‘snow’.

The Snow Globe is ideal for groups of up to seven people at a time – we’d advise having a member the Clownfish team who will manage the queue and help guests to enter and exit the globe safely.

This experience includes a stunning, inflatable globe, tonnes of snow, lights and silver posts and red rope to decorate the surround.


  • Lots of glistening artificial snow
  • Post & rope entrance
  • Illuminated globe


  • Equipment size:  3.2m wide x 4m deep x 3.3m tall
  • Operational area:  5m wide x 6m deep x 3.5m tall
  • Surface required:  Flat surface indoors or outdoors
  • Power requirements:  2 x standard 13amp household socket
  • Access requirements:  Fits through a standard domestic doorway


The snow inside the Snow Globe is artificial, so you don’t need to worry about your favourite outfit getting ruined! It will all brush straight off as soon as you leave the Globe.

We suggest a maximum of seven people to ensure it doesn’t feel too crowded.

There is no age limit for the Snow Globe – in our experience, all ages love it! 

The Snow Globe can absolutely go inside, but it’s very tall so you’ll need at least 4.5 metres of height clearance.

If you’re looking for an immersive activity, the Snow Globe Experience is for you. It’s a show stopper with real wow factor.

Have fun! Play around in the snow, take selfies or why not get one of your friends to stand outside it and take photos of you inside?

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