Snake Pit

1 player game

From £250

Guests of all ages will love this traditional game of balance, co-ordination and concentration. 

All you have to do is navigate the ball across the snaking course, without dropping it into the pit below. Easy, right?! 


  • Determination development! 
  • 2 x balls
  • 6ft table with black cover


  • Equipment size:  0.76m wide x 1.83m deep x 1m tall
  • Operational area:  1.5m wide x 2m deep
  • Surface required:  Flat surface indoors or outdoors
  • Power requirements:  None!
  • Access requirements:  Fits through a standard domestic doorway


Tilt the course left and right as you try to steer your ball towards the holes – without it falling off the edge into the snake pit below. Each hole is worth a different amount of points; the highest score wins!

Snake Pit is free to play so you can have as many goes as you want.

Snake Pit doesn’t come with prizes as standard, however if this is something you are interested in then please talk to our lovely team.