Photo Mosaic Wall

From £2,495

The Mosaic Wall combines a fun photo booth experience with guest interaction, collaboration and creation.

Start with a blank grid, then as each guest snaps a selfie or group shot on our iPad, they stick the printed photo up in the right spot to gradually build a multi-hued image.

Once the mosaic starts to come together, everyone will be queueing up to add their own tile. By the end of your event, you’ll have a display of individual images that, together, make up a giant picture, logo or message.

This is a superb choice for bringing your teams back together, brand activations and corporate events, as it creates an eye-catching focal point; but we have also seen it used to great effect at weddings and private celebrations.


  • Custom mosaic image and grid
  • Tablet and printer station
  • iPad photography
  • Selfie Pod (included in the Pro Package only)
  • Physical & digital copy of the completed mosaic


Of course! You can keep the physical wall and also have a digital copy if you’d like.

Great question! The software we use calculates a code that is printed on your photo and matches a square on the grid, meaning your photo will be exactly in the right spot.

iPad Photography – one of our team will take photo on an iPad that links directly to the sticker printer.
Selfie Pod – you can add a selfie booth to increase the number of photos taken.

If you include a selfie pod, all the photos will be printed out on a physical hard copy during the event.

This is no problem at all! The Mosaic Wall will always finish within the timings of your event due to it’s intellegent software. If you event if reaching the end and there are still gaps, it will reprint some duplicates for you.

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