Coconut Shy

2 player game

From £750

Win by knocking a coconut off its stand!

Designed and custom-built especially for Clownfish, each of our charming Side Stalls is beautifully wrapped in a traditional candy-striped pattern (this one is orange and white). Each stall measures 6ft x 6ft – line them up to create a fantastic fairground effect.

Stalls are available to hire in pairs. Choose from up to six different options, including Cork Shoot, Tin Can Alley, Hook-a-Duck, Splat the Rat and Down the Ducks.


  • Beautiful orange & white candy stripes
  • 5 x faux coconuts (want real coconuts? We’re happy to source these for you, just let our team know)
  • 9 x bean bags


  • Equipment size:  1.8m wide x 1.8m deep x 2.3m tall
  • Operational area:  2m wide x 2m deep x 2.5m tall
  • Surface required:  Flat surface indoors or outdoors
  • Power requirements:  None!
  • Access requirements:  Fits through a standard domestic doorway


Can I keep my coconut?

How many coconuts do you bring?

What if I get hit by the bean bag?

How far do I have to throw?

How many goes do I get?

What prizes are there?