Calum & Liam

Pianist & Guitarist


Looking for the perfect live music entertainment for your event? Calum & Liam, our professional pianist/singer and guitarist come with years of experience and a passion for music, that will create a unique and memorable atmosphere for your guests.

Everything they need to perform is included, so you’ll enjoy high-quality sound that only enhances the performance.

To make this more interactive for your guests, you can include a Human Jukebox feature, where guests suggest songs in real time and Calum will play and perform them on the spot.


  • Calum – professional pianist and singer
  • Liam – professional guitarist
  • Nord keyboard (or baby grand piano)
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • PA System


Any event you can think of! They’ve played at 50th birthday parties, corporate gatherings and even a karaoke night at the after party of a company conference for all colleagues to take part in.

Absolutely. Calum & Liam will prepare a set list suitable for you and your guests – this will be shared with you prior to the event so you can add, change or remove songs.

Nope! Everything is provided for you alongside Calum & Liam – a keyboard or piano, guitar and a PA System.