Area 51 Laser Tag

8 player game

From £750

Enter the maze to begin your mission…

Up to 8 players can enter the Laser Tag maze at any one time and the ‘missions’ can be set to any length – we recommend 2-3 minutes. The guns are designed with built-in sensors so you don’t need to wear a body pack and we can avoid lengthy changeover times.

Our guns vibrate when you’re shot, tell you where you rank in real-time (on a built-in LED display) and show the overall team score. Smoke effects inside the maze illuminate the firing laser beams for an exciting and memorable experience.

We’ve found this to be a firm favourite amongst our corporate clients and it’s also popular for community fairs and back garden parties for adults and kids alike.

If you’re short on outside space for the inflatable maze, we can create a bespoke Laser Tag experience by fully kitting out a room inside – just ask us for more details!


  • 8 x top of the range laser guns
  • Sound effects
  • Atmospheric haze
  • Themed inflatable maze
  • RPII tested inflatable


  • Equipment size: 8.7m wide x 8.7m deep x 2m tall
  • Operational area:  11m wide x 14m deep x 2.2m tall
  • Surface required:  Flat surface indoors or outdoors
  • Power requirements:  2 x standard 13amp household socket
  • Access requirements:  Fits through a standard domestic doorway


You can have any number from 2 – 8 people enter the maze at one time.

Absolutely! The maze is suitable for both inside and outside – just as long as it’s a flat surface. 

In our experience, entering the maze in 2 teams works the best. However, you can play in a ‘free for all’ style – just talk to us about this.

Over the years we have found that games lasting from 2-3 minutes, work the best. However, this is flexible and if you’d like longer or shorter games, we can absolutely accomodate this for you.