Amazon Music UK at Pride in London

How do you promote a music streaming service at a loud, proud, street party… withoutmaking any noise?

Trafalgar Square, London


Type of Event

The brief…

When Amazon Music UK asked us to help them connect with the LGBTQ+ community at Pride in London in July 2019, we jumped at the chance to get involved in this incredible celebration of diversity.

Our client’s objectives were to engage the community on social media and raise awareness of their ‘PROUD’ playlist – but there was a catch. Amazon Music’s stand was located right next to the main stage, so we weren’t allowed to make any noise.

Our approach…

This was a tricky brief for an event of this nature – plus we were working under extremely tight timings, with just over a month to get everything organised and supply bespoke, branded equipment.

A big street party and parade calls for a suitably celebratory soundtrack, but amplified music played through a PA system was off the agenda. The team at Amazon Music came up with the idea of a silent disco, so we helped them set the scene with a branded DJ booth and rainbow lighting around the marquee.

If you’re new to the silent disco concept, let us break it down for you. Each guest dons a pair of over-ear headphones, whilst a DJ plays tracks as normal from a DJ booth. Instead of hearing the sound through a speaker system though, guests listen via their headphones.

Each person can control their own volume and switch between channels to hear different playlists – meaning that they might be dancing to the same track as their friends, or they might not!

How it worked…

The 5m x 5m marquee – complete with Amazon Music branding across the front – housed a bespoke DJ booth and plenty of space for dancing. Two brand ambassadors, supplied by Clownfish, handed out the headphones, branded stamps and Love Heart sweets for free to anyone who followed @amazonmusicuk on Instagram or ‘liked’ their Facebook page.

There were two channels to choose from on the headphones. Guests could either listen to a live DJ (who only played tracks available on Amazon Music); or the Pride playlist, PROUD, or they could switch between the two.

It was the perfect way to create a fun-but-quiet party vibe whilst promoting the Amazon Music brand, increasing social media reach and engaging with the Pride community.

Branding opportunities…

Amazon Music Pride 14
Amazon Music placed their own branding across the front of a 5m x 5m marquee.
Amazon Music Pride
We wrapped the DJ booth in customised skins.
Amazon Music Pride 25
Brand ambassadors wore Amazon Music at Pride t-shirts.
Amazon Music Pride uplighter 2
Coloured uplighters illuminated the marquee in Pride flag colours.

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