Planning Corporate Events with Clownfish: Our Guide to Success

Pull off an unforgettable corporate event where guests connect, laugh, and make memories. Be the hero with our 14-step guide for team-building events that boost businesses.

There’s nothing quite like pulling off an unforgettable corporate event. 

The room buzzes with excitement; people mingle, laugh, create memories, and really get to know each other.

And the best part? You’re the one that made it all happen. 

It’s easy when you’re following our 14 step guide, packed with tips for creating events that build strong teams and strong businesses. And our biggest tip? Get the entertainment right.

1. Set Clear Goals 🎯

Before anything else, it’s worth deciding what you want your corporate event to achieve.

Do you want to build team spirit? Or launch a product? Or celebrate success with awards?

Having clear goals will help you stay focused and provide a basis for every decision you make.

2. Gather Your Team 🌟

Behind every fantastic corporate event lies a dedicated crew. 

Start by planning out what’s needed – from finding the perfect venue to creating an online buzz – then pick the best people for each task.

Team up with your company’s in-house talent and join forces with external experts to get the most from your event.

When you book with Clownfish Entertainment, you can rest easy, knowing that our professional team come along too, making sure everything runs smoothly.

3. Lean into the Latest Tech📱

Embrace the digital age with tools like event apps, registration software, and audience engagement platforms.

Not only do they make planning a breeze, they also boost your guests’ experience by providing them with key information, and encouraging them to get involved.

4. Pick the Perfect Venue 🏢

Choosing the right venue is key to setting the tone of your event. 

Pick a location that ticks all the important boxes: easy to get to, big enough to fit all your guests, and delivers the right vibe. 

And don’t forget about the essentials like facilities, parking, and accessibility.

Never underestimate the impact an excellent first impression can have on your event.

5. Set the Date 📅

When it comes to choosing a date, keep an eye out for any competing events, industry gatherings, or public holidays that might clash.

Choose a date that works best for your target audience and their busy calendars. 

Remember, early announcements help boost attendance rates.

6. Crunch the Numbers 💰

Budgeting might not be the most exciting part of event planning, but it’s essential and sometimes details get overlooked.

Get your numbers in order by estimating costs, tracking expenses, and setting aside enough cash for everything – marketing, venue, food, entertainment.

And don’t forget to have a contingency fund. It can save the day if unexpected expenses pop up.

When you choose Clownfish, we’ll make sure you get top-notch entertainment tailored to your budget, turning your event into a memorable experience nobody will want to miss.

7. Entertain Your Guests 🎉

Want to take your event to the next level? Unforgettable entertainment is the secret to doing just that.

This is the moment to start exploring our range of interactive games, immersive installations, and truly entertaining experiences, and to think about customising them to match your event’s theme and your guests.

Get ready to spark curiosity, unleash wonder, and create genuine connections with our one-of-a-kind entertainment.

8. Set the Mood with Décor 🌠

Transform the venue and transport your guests into your vision. It could be a magical wonderland, a vintage fairground, or even an 80s arcade.

The right décor does more than show off your corporate style – it excites, engages, and stays with your guests long after they’ve left your event.

From VIP entrances to festive backdrops, every little touch counts in creating an event that’s truly unforgettable.

9. Cater To Every Taste 🍽️

Food at an event is about more than just filling hungry stomachs. It’s another opportunity to wow your guests and leave long-lasting memories. 

Team up with skilled caterers to create mouthwatering menus that satisfy all tastes, diets, and cultural preferences.

Remember, a thoughtful food selection has the power to keep everyone talking about your event long after it’s over. 

10. Create a Buzz 📣

Build anticipation and attract the right audience with a strong promotional strategy. 

Create enticing copy and catchy visuals, tailor-made for different platforms, that your ideal audience will resonate with.

Use email campaigns, social media promotions, and targeted ads to reach potential guests, and keep them in the loop with teasers about all the fantastic things you’ve got in store for them.

11. Set the Mood with Lighting and AV 🌟

Audio-visual elements can kick your corporate event up a notch, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Invest in professional lighting and AV services to create an immersive experience that is sure to “wow” your guests.

Themed lighting designs and high-quality sound systems will create a show-stopping vibe that everyone will love.

Good to know: If you’re after a (totally unbiased) recommendation for a technical production partner, we think Clownfish Events are great.

12. Make Time for Networking 🤝

Corporate events are great for networking, from making new connections to deepening existing relationships. 

Make sure you carve out plenty of time and space for guests to mingle and really get to know each other.

Cocktail hours, breakout sessions, and interactive workshops are all excellent ways to encourage networking.

13. Keep Your Guests Energised 🔋

Nobody wants a crowd of tired guests at their event.

Make sure you provide plenty of comfortable seating and rest areas so they can recharge their batteries. You can also offer free refreshments to keep energy levels high. 

A comfortable and well-cared-for audience is far more likely to enjoy your event – and to engage with your message.

14. Evaluate Your Event’s Success 🌟

Once those last stragglers have left your event, there’s one last job for you. It’s time for the important Post-Evaluation Survey. 

Invite your guests to give honest feedback on what went well and highlight any areas for improvement. 

Then, use those insights to make your next event even more successful.

With this ultimate guide at your fingertips, you’re now fully equipped to plan and execute a remarkable corporate event your guests won’t forget.

Check out our games and entertainment and create a real buzz at your next event.